Wednesday, December 26, 2001
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More Than 200 Million Page Views

SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK has propelled to record traffic levels, posting more than 200 million page views on its SURVIVOR site through the run of the series, according to CBS estimates. The first installment of the series posted approximately 100 million page views during the same period. Meanwhile, THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK's final episode earned the site approximately 11 million page views alone. CBS's SURVIVOR chatroom -- seen first on THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK's site -- also logged an extraordinary number of users, totaling over one million log-ins for the run of the series. The site has registered approximately 100,000 chats log-ins since last week's finale. A final chat with second place finisher Colby Donaldson will take place today at 3:30 PM/ET. CBS's SURVIVOR Web site boasts hundreds of minutes of never-before seen footage taken from the Outback, in-depth profiles of all of the Survivors, an interactive tour of the Outback, popularity polls, complete Final Words, games and a Survivor store. In addition, Web surfers can log-on to the Chat Forum to talk with other SURVIVOR fans about the show and chat live with the most recent expellee. Surfers can also visit a section where they can "rate" the SURVIVOR contestants and see the voting patterns unfold in the Tribal Council Voting History Section. and are internet extensions to CBS television programming. extends the strong CBS brand presence to the internet with content that goes beyond tv shows to allow the viewer a more in depth, personal experience with their favorite characters and shows. Unique site creation like Survivor and CSI bring to the edge of the television/internet entertainment experience.  ©MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved
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