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Please follow these easy steps to begin your recruiting experience at Waterloo...

Review and Revise
any of your previously used (co-op) job description(s) or draft new one(s) to include:

  • background information of your organization
  • job responsibilities
  • qualifications required
  • program(s) and levels from which you wish to hire

this form if you wish to hire. Along with other interview-related information, we need to know your interview requirements as well as the date you wish to interview on campus. This will allow us to secure appropriate interview space for you and provide our students with sufficient notice of pending interviews.

Help! We have a room shortage.
Please consider interviewing your candidates in the afternoon if you will only need a few hours. Thanks!

If you prefer to send information by Mail or fax:
University of Waterloo
Co-operative Education & Career Services, Needles Hall
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1
Fax: (519) 746-4103

Please contact your University of Waterloo Co-operative Education & Career Services co-ordinator directly, or call us at our office on campus: (519) 888-4026