Cell Symposia
Cell Symposia
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Cell Symposia
Inflammation and Disease
26-28 September 2010, Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa, Lisbon, Portugal
Cell Symposia

Conference Organisers

Brigitta Stockinger, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, UK
Peter Tontonoz, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Bruce Koppelman, Associate Editor, Immunity
Peter Lee, Editor, Immunity; Executive Editor, Immunology, Cell Press

Inflammation and disease meeting summary

Inflammation is a common but multifaceted process that underlies diseases ranging from autoimmunity to obesity. This meeting aims to bring together researchers with an interest in inflammation from seemingly disparate fields to better understand the complex underlying biology across diseases. The meeting will emphasize discussions and interactions among the participants to facilitate innovative thinking about cell types, mediators and pathways in inflammation that may be applicable to their own area or research, and perhaps forge collaboration to pursue new or previously intractable questions based on complementary expertise and mutual interest. The meeting will explore aspects of inflammation in five separate categories: autoimmunity, infectious disease, metabolism, cancer and the nervous system.


  • Inflammation in autoimmunity
  • Inflammation in infectious disease
  • Inflammation in metabolic disease
  • Inflammation in cancer
  • Inflammation in the nervous system

Call for abstracts

Please submit abstracts for presentation at the symposium by 17 May 2010.

Important dates and deadlines

  • 17 May 2010: Abstract deadline for oral and poster
  • 18 June 2010: Authors of accepted presentations notified
  • 23 July 2010: Oral and poster presenter registration deadline
  • 26 August 2010: Accommodation deadline at conference hotel

The language of the conference will be English.


Dates and location announced for 2010 Cell ...
8 Jan: Symposium to be held in Portugal
Dates and location announced for 2010: Cell Symposia Inflammation and Disease will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 26-28 September 2010.
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Dates and location announced for 2010: Cell Symposia Inflammation and ...
Cell Symposia
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Cell Symposia
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