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Cell Press LabLinks are FREE, one-day symposia organized by local scientists in conjunction with Cell Press editors. Each LabLinks features local and keynote speakers discussing a unified topic in order to foster interactions between colleagues working on related questions. Learn more.

The Exciting Biologies series is an annual meeting held each fall co-organized by Massachusetts General Hospital, Fondation Ipsen, and Cell Press. Topics highlight emerging intersections in biomedical research and promote interactions between scientists from converging disciplines.

2009 - Biology in Balance
October 8 - 10, 2009
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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American Society for Human Genetics ASHG Annual Meeting 2009

ASHG20 - 24 October 2009
Honolulu, United States


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Helicases and NTP-Driven Nucleic Acid Motors
27 Jun 2009 - 02 Jul 2009
Les Diablerets, Switzerland
Structure, Function, Mechanism and Roles in Human Disease Helicases and NTP-Driven Nucleic Acid Motors are found in all cell types and are pres... See More

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Amyloid Fibril Formation and Protein Misfolding
28 Jun 2009 - 03 Jul 2009
Snowmass Village, United States
Molecular Mechanisms and Cellular Effects.
Opening Lecture:
Jeffrey Kelley, “Protein Misfolding Diseases and Therapeutic Strategies.”
Se... See More

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Cell Contact and Adhesion
28 Jun 2009 - 03 Jul 2009
Waterville Valley, United States
Cell-Cell Junction Functions, Polarity And Morphogenesis Cell-cell contacts exert profound biological effects during both health and disease. Mechanisms promot... See More

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