Volume 135, Issue 6

On the cover: Hematopoietic cancers, such as the follicular lymphoma pictured on the cover, frequently contain chromosomal translocations. However, the molecular mechanisms behind these DNA breakage and reshuffling events are largely unidentified. In this issue of Cell, Tsai et al. (pp. 1130–1142) show that CpG dinucleotides, like that colored in the molecular structure on the cover, are hotspots for pro-B/pre-B stage translocations—the most common translocations in human cancer. On the basis of the molecular activities occurring in pro-B/pre-B cells, they propose a theory to explain the apparent lineage specificity, stage specificity, and breakage at CpGs. The structure was adapted from PDB 3C2I and generated in UCSF Chimera. The histologic photo of the follicular lymphoma was a generous gift of Dr. Bharat Nathwani, USC.

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Developmental Cell
The Protein Kinase DYRK1A Regulates Caspase-9-Mediated Apoptosis during Retina Development
Ariadna Laguna, Sergi Aranda, María José Barallobre, Rima Barhoum, Eduardo Fernández, Vassiliki Fotaki, Jean Maurice Delabar, Susana de la Luna, Pedro de la Villa, Maria L. Arbonés
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Retinoic Acid Enhances Foxp3 Induction Indirectly by Relieving Inhibition from CD4+CD44hi Cells
Jonathan A. Hill, Jason A. Hall, Cheng-Ming Sun, Qi Cai, Norbert Ghyselinck, Pierre Chambon, Yasmine Belkaid, Diane Mathis, Christophe Benoist
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Molecular Cell
CDYL Bridges REST and Histone Methyltransferases for Gene Repression and Suppression of Cellular Transformation
Peter Mulligan, Thomas F. Westbrook, Matthias Ottinger, Natalya Pavlova, Bin Chang, Eric Macia, Yu-Jiang Shi, Jordi Barretina, Jinsong Liu, Peter M. Howley, Stephen J. Elledge, Yang Shi
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Cancer Biology Select p979
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No Association between CALHM1 and Alzheimer's Disease Risk p993
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Response: CALHM1 Association with Alzheimer's Disease Risk p994
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Clash of the Genomes p1002
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Divided within: Heterogeneity within Adult Stem Cell Pools p1006
Marc H.G.P. Raaijmakers, David T. Scadden
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Collateral Damage from Antigen Receptor Gene Diversification p1009
Grace K. Mahowald, Jason M. Baron, Barry P. Sleckman
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HMGA2, MicroRNAs, and Stem Cell Aging p1013
Scott M. Hammond, Norman E. Sharpless
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Mutation in Nuclear Pore Component NUP155 Leads to Atrial Fibrillation and Early Sudden Cardiac Death p1017
Xianqin Zhang, Shenghan Chen, Shin Yoo, Susmita Chakrabarti, Teng Zhang, Tie Ke, Carlos Oberti, Sandro L. Yong, Fang Fang, Lin Li, Roberto de la Fuente, Lejin Wang, Qiuyun Chen, Qing Kenneth Wang
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AID Is Required for the Chromosomal Breaks in c-myc that Lead to c-myc/IgH Translocations p1028
Davide F. Robbiani, Anne Bothmer, Elsa Callen, Bernardo Reina-San-Martin, Yair Dorsett, Simone Difilippantonio, Daniel J. Bolland, Hua Tang Chen, Anne E. Corcoran, André Nussenzweig, Michel C. Nussenzweig
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CCAN Makes Multiple Contacts with Centromeric DNA to Provide Distinct Pathways to the Outer Kinetochore p1039
Tetsuya Hori, Miho Amano, Aussie Suzuki, Chelsea B. Backer, Julie P. Welburn, Yimin Dong, Bruce F. McEwen, Wei-Hao Shang, Emiko Suzuki, Katsuya Okawa, Iain M. Cheeseman, Tatsuo Fukagawa
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Combinatorial Regulation of Endothelial Gene Expression by Ets and Forkhead Transcription Factors p1053
Sarah De Val, Neil C. Chi, Stryder M. Meadows, Simon Minovitsky, Joshua P. Anderson, Ian S. Harris, Melissa L. Ehlers, Pooja Agarwal, Axel Visel, Shan-Mei Xu, Len A. Pennacchio, Inna Dubchak, Paul A. Krieg, Didier Y.R. Stainier, Brian L. Black
Summary | Full Text | PDF (2038 kb) | Supplemental Data
Featured Article
Membrane Binding by tBid Initiates an Ordered Series of Events Culminating in Membrane Permeabilization by Bax p1074
Jonathan F. Lovell, Lieven P. Billen, Scott Bindner, Aisha Shamas-Din, Cecile Fradin, Brian Leber, David W. Andrews
Summary | Full Text | PDF (969 kb) | Supplemental Data
Nanoclusters of GPI-Anchored Proteins Are Formed by Cortical Actin-Driven Activity p1085
Debanjan Goswami, Kripa Gowrishankar, Sameera Bilgrami, Subhasri Ghosh, Riya Raghupathy, Rahul Chadda, Ram Vishwakarma, Madan Rao, Satyajit Mayor
Summary | Full Text | PDF (2727 kb) | Supplemental Data
Consequences of Motor Copy Number on the Intracellular Transport of Kinesin-1-Driven Lipid Droplets p1098
George T. Shubeita, Susan L. Tran, Jing Xu, Michael Vershinin, Silvia Cermelli, Sean L. Cotton, Michael A. Welte, Steven P. Gross
Summary | Full Text | PDF (1457 kb) | Supplemental Data
Transepithelial Projections from Basal Cells Are Luminal Sensors in Pseudostratified Epithelia p1108
Winnie Wai Chi Shum, Nicolas Da Silva, Mary McKee, Peter J.S. Smith, Dennis Brown, Sylvie Breton
Summary | Full Text | PDF (1870 kb) | Supplemental Data
Hematopoietic Stem Cells Reversibly Switch from Dormancy to Self-Renewal during Homeostasis and Repair p1118
Anne Wilson, Elisa Laurenti, Gabriela Oser, Richard C. van der Wath, William Blanco-Bose, Maike Jaworski, Sandra Offner, Cyrille F. Dunant, Leonid Eshkind, Ernesto Bockamp, Pietro Lió, H. Robson MacDonald, Andreas Trumpp
Summary | Full Text | PDF (1690 kb) | Supplemental Data


Human Chromosomal Translocations at CpG Sites and a Theoretical Basis for Their Lineage and Stage Specificity p1130
Albert G. Tsai, Haihui Lu, Sathees C. Raghavan, Markus Muschen, Chih-Lin Hsieh, Michael R. Lieber
Summary | Full Text | PDF (1337 kb) | Supplemental Data


SnapShot: The Human DNA Methylome in Health and Disease p1144
Esteban Ballestar, Manel Esteller
PDF (1423 kb)