Cell Press Data Processing Policy

Authors should make every attempt to reduce the amount of post acquisition processing of data.  Some degree of processing may be unavoidable in certain instances, and is permitted provided that the final data accurately reflects that of the original.  In the case of image processing, alterations must be applied to the entire image (e.g. brightness, contrast, color balance).  In rare instances where this is not possible (e.g. alterations to a single color channel on a microscopy image) any alterations must be clearly stated in the figure legend and in the methods section. Groupings and consolidation of data (e.g. cropping of images or removal of lanes from gels and blots) must be made apparent and should be explicitly indicated in the appropriate figure legends.  Data comparisons should only be made from comparative experiments, and individual data should not be utilized across multiple figures. In cases where data are used multiple times (e.g. multiple experiments were performed simultaneously with a single control experiment) this must be clearly stated within each figure legend.  In the event that it is deemed necessary for proper evaluation of the manuscript, authors will be required to make the original unprocessed data available to the editors of the journal.