December, 2008
Volume 19, Issue 10

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Volume 19, Issue 10

The sleep–wake cycle is controlled by hypothalamic circuits. Signalling through these circuits is affected by the metabolic hormones leptin and ghrelin, connecting the sleep cycle with metabolism. On pages 362–370 of this issue, Adamantidis and de Lecea discuss the recent evidence showing that sleep and energy homeostasis are intertwined, highlighting the connectivity between neuronal circuits in the hypothalamus. The cover depicts a camping scene with people sleeping and eating under the same sky (hypothalamus), with the constellations representing the neurons activated in these circuits and the comets the hormones. Illustration by Yvonne Blanco.

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    Susanne Tranguch
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    Charlotte Wang
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    Kirsty Strawbridge
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    Katherine Wright
  • Illustrations and Design
    Mat McCutcheon
    Yvonne Blanco
    Neill Sharp
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    Kevin J Catt
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    Nicholas S. Halmi

Featured Article

Insulin resistance, inflammation, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Herbert Tilg , and Alexander R. Moschen
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Insulin resistance, inflammation, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Herbert Tilg, Alexander R. Moschen
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ERRα: a metabolic function for the oldest orphan
Josep A. Villena, Anastasia Kralli
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Is mitochondrial dysfunction a cause of insulin resistance?
Nigel Turner, Leonie K. Heilbronn
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Marc L. Reitman, Elif Arioglu, Oksana Gavrilova, Simeon I. Taylor
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