December, 2008
Volume 16, Issue 12

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Volume 16, Issue 12

HIV-1 was isolated 25 years ago and the infection in humans is now pandemic. The articles in this special issue take a brief look back over the past 25 years of HIV research with a strong emphasis on cutting edge developments and questions for the future. The issue covers topics ranging from live cell imaging of the virus, immunological aspects, HIV-2, host genetics, political aspects of drug delivery, and vaccine design. The selection of topics and authors for this issue were put together by the journal Editor and Robin Weiss. Cover image: Eye of Science/Science Photo Library.

Editorial Team

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    Samantha Morris
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    Cesar Sanchez
  • Content Development Editor
    Gail Teitzel
  • Executive Editor, Microbiology
    Lakshmi Goyal
  • Production Editors
    Ellie Carr
    Kirsty Strawbridge
  • Editorial Assistant
    Damien Robertson
  • Illustrations and Design
    Lara Crow
    Mat McCutcheon
    Philip Patenall
    Neill Sharp

Featured Article

Why is HIV a pathogen?
Anna Forsman , and Robin A. Weiss
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About Trends in Microbiology

Trends in Microbiology provides a multidisciplinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of microbiology: from cell biology and immunology to genetics and evolution, and ranges across virology, bacteriology, protozoology and mycology.

Microbiology is, at present, one of the fastest moving disciplines in Life Sciences, thanks also to technological developments of the recent years. The relative ease and rapidity with which small genomes can be entirely sequenced is beginning to have significant impact on all areas of prokaryote biology, from pathogens to extremophiles, and will fuel new developments, for example, in drugs, vaccines and industrial enzyme research. Recent international developments are also responsible for a renewed interest in Microbiology.

The Table of Contents includes a lively mix of commentary, correspondence and review. Reviews are commissioned and peer-reviewed and, consequently, make an authoritative basis for teaching and keeping abreast of developments across the field.

The focus is on molecular microbiology and virology, and includes topics such as genomics, the gamut of plant and animal host-pathogen interactions, host immune responses, characterization and evolution of virulence determinants, cell cycle and differentiation, symbiosis in plant and animal associations, environmental microbiology, biodiversity and evolution, population dynamics, sex and mutagenesis, antibiotic resistance and production, drug and vaccine targets, as well as aspects of prion diseases and of fungal and protozoan biology.

Most Read Articles

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Campylobacter sugars sticking out
Patricia Guerry, Christine M. Szymanski
Summary | |
Why are rod-shaped bacteria rod shaped?
Arthur L Koch
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Genomes and knowledge – a questionable relationship?
David E. Whitworth
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Living on a surface: swarming and biofilm formation
Natalie Verstraeten, Kristien Braeken, Bachaspatimayum Debkumari, Maarten Fauvart, Jan Fransaer, Jan Vermant, Jan Michiels
Summary | |
PhoP, a key player in Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence
Michelle Ryndak, Shuishu Wang, Issar Smith
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