CenStats®: A Fee-Based
Subscription Service


CenStats® is a fee-based electronic subscription service that provides a convenient, easy, point-and-click access to several popular Census Bureau databases including some that we sell on CD-ROMs. CenStats' basic functionality is "search and display". That is, the viewer specifies geographic areas, data sets, commodities, etc. and CenStats finds and displays the specified data. As a value-added enhancement, CenStats takes advantage of a standard feature of the Internet by providing direct links between several databases that have common geography (i.e., counties, ZIP code areas, and census tracts).

Downloading of files from the CD-ROMs is not part of the service. However, all data displays can be printed on the viewer's printer.

For information about each application in CenStats and to view sample contents, take a Test Drive. If you have questions about the CenStats subscription service, e-mail us at CenStats@census.gov.

We currently can not accommodate customer online password changes so are not requiring them. If you would like to change your password please contact Customer Services at 301-457-4100.