1990 Census Lookup

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This is the 1990 Census Data Lookup server. For general Census Data questions, please contact gatekeeper@census.gov. If you have problems or questions regarding this WWW data server, first consult known bugs (especially temporary system problems ) to see whether your problem is described there. If it is not, please use our feedback/questions form.

STF1 technical documentation (stf1doc.zip - 144224 bytes)
STF3 technical documentation (stf3doc.zip - 278622 bytes)
STF3 technical documentation (html format)

Choose a database to browse:

1990 Census Summary Tape File 3 (STF3)
Sample count - all socioeconomic and demographic variables

Detailed geography - county, place, tract, etc.
ZIP codes.
STF3C - part 1
Nation and state totals, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).
STF3C - part 2
Urbanized Areas (UAs). Under construction.

1990 Census Summary Tape File 1 (STF1)
100% count - basic demographic variables

Detailed geography - county, place, tract, etc.
Nation and state totals. Not all tables are available.

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