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The 1997 Economic Census Advance Report will appear in January. Check the schedule for other 1997 Economic Census Reports. 301-457-2547
How is my business classified under NAICS? 888-75-NAICS
Small business 301-457-2547
Business formations, failures 301-457-8641
Minority- and women-owned business 301-457-3316
Construction 301-457-1321
International trade--imports and exports 301-457-2242
Manufacturing and mining 301-457-4673
Retail and wholesale trade 800-541-8345
Services 800-541-8345
Governments 800-242-2184
Household and personal income 301-457-3242
Poverty 301-457-3242
Labor force statistics 301-457-3242
Occupation 301-457-3242
Computer usage 301-457-3242
Population 301-457-2422
Economic data from other agencies:
BLS: Wages, jobs, inflation, consumer prices
BEA: Gross Domestic Product(GDP), Gross State Product
Other statistics about businesses, see Economic Subjects A-Z 301-457-2547

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