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A demonstration file of Fairfax City, VA and the Windows software are available for downloading on this site.

CD-CTSI-V2-01 - CD-CTSI-V2-06

Product description:

Organized by groups of states and counties (or statistical equivalents), this file lists the streets, address ranges on each street, and the corresponding census tract or block numbering area (BNA) codes for each address range. Also shown for the address ranges are corresponding U.S. Postal ZIP Code and 103rd Congressional District numbers, as well as Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) State, county, county subdivision, and place codes. The index contains only city-style addresses. P.O. boxes and other non-sequential addresses are not shown.

The ZIP Codes, as well as the FIPS place and county subdivision codes are useful in determining the correct census tract number when streets with identical names and ranges exist in different parts of the same county. Contiguous block segments that have consecutive address ranges along a street and that have the same geographic codes (State, county, census tract, ZIP, county subdivision, and place) have been collapsed together and are represented by a single record with a single address range.


Provides census tract/BNA information for more than 74 million individual residential addresses (collapsed into address ranges for confidentiality reasons) in 3,076 of the 3,141 counties or statistical equivalents in the United States (Puerto Rico is not included). This represents about 70 percent of all addresses in the country. Coverage within individual counties ranges from below 10 percent to better than 90 percent.

Vintage of data items:

The TIGER/Census Tract Street Index, Version 2 is a byproduct of the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) data base. The vintages (or "as-of" dates) for the various data items in this product are:

File format & Software:
dBase; DOS and Windows-based software. DOS software allows for street and address searches by ZIP Code, place, county subdivision, and county. Results can be saved in an ASCII, dBase or Lotus format. Windows software matches a street address with a census tract number, ZIP Code or congressional district number. The user may limit search scope to a county or ZIP Code area, save results in an ASCII file, and print listings from a state file. Product also available on computer tape and paper listings.

System requirements:

For DOS: PC-compatible computer; 520 kilobytes available RAM; CD-ROM reader with Microsoft Extensions 2.0 or later; for Windows: an IBM-compatible computer with an 80286 processor or higher; a hard disk; an EGA, VGA, 8514, Hercules or compatible monitor; Windows 3.0 or later, and a mouse

Census contact:

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301-457-1128 (content).

Note 1:

Census tract numbers may also be determined through the purchase of 1990 TIGER/Census Tract Outline Maps and 1990 County Block Maps. The tract maps are available from the Government Printing Office (see the section on Census Tract/Block Numbering Area Outline Maps below in this chapter). The block maps may be obtained from Customer Services (see section on County Block Maps in this chapter).

Note 2:

The Federal Reserve operates a nationwide hotline ( 202-452-2016) for users with questions about the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Community Redevelopment Act, and census tract numbers, as well as corresponding low, moderate, and high median family-income designations, which the Federal Reserve provides.

Note 3:

For the 1990 Census, the Census Bureau established a nationwide geographic structure that included 7,017,427 blocks, 229,192 block groups, 50,690 census tracts, and 11,586 block numbering areas. It tabulated data for 19,365 incorporated places, 310 American Indian areas, 3,248 counties or county equivalents, 30,386 minor civil divisions, and 435 Congressional Districts, as well as other areas.

Note 4:

A demonstration file of Fairfax City, VA and the Windows software are available for downloading on this site.

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