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TIGER/Line '95 Documentation

The Census Bureau has begun taking a new approach to distributing product documentation in electronic form by the use of ADOBE's Portable Document Format (PDF). This format allows us to create and distribute one document file that can be read by the major computer platforms available to our customers. This is possible because ADOBE has developed specific reader software (Acrobat) for each of these platforms and makes it available from its World Wide Web site at no charge.

An equally important feature of the PDF standard is that the document retains the look and feel of the original. This means that the design elements (graphics, fonts, etc.) that are typically a part of a high quality printed document are retained when the PDF document displayed or printed by the user at their desk. The TIGER/Line '95 CD-ROMs include copies of this reader for the DOS and Windows platforms. Technical limitations of our CD-ROM mastering equipment prevent us from including other readers at this time but they can be downloaded from the site noted above.

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