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TIGER Vendors

The vendors in the categories listed below have notified the Census Bureau of the capacity to process TIGER/Line files. Specific software or systems available for purchase are listed and the specific services are noted. Please contact the individual vendors for more information. To order TIGER/Line files, call (301) 457-4100. For TIGER/Line technical support, call 301-457-1128 or email tiger@census.gov. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Census Bureau.

Vendors: If you sell software that uses TIGER/Line data, provide services directly relating to the use of TIGER/Line data (format conversion, geocoding, digital exchange, etc.), or use TIGER extract products (CTSI, etc.), send your URL to tiger@census.gov. We will add you to our list.

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  1. Business Graphics
  2. Computer Hardware Manufacturers
  3. Consulting
  4. Coordinate Conversion (ie. Lat/Long to State Plane, UTM to State Plane)
  5. Data Conversion Services
  6. Database Development & Design
  7. Engineering, Land Survey
  8. Geocoding, Address Matching
  9. Geographic Data Services
  10. GIS, Desktop Mapping, CAD-AM/FM
  11. Mapping
  12. Marketing Analysis, Studies
  13. Newsletter, Technical Journal
  14. Redistricting Services
  15. Resell TIGER/Line Files
  16. Reseller of GIS & Desktop Mapping Software
  17. Sale Territory Design
  18. Site Location
  19. Software Development
  20. Training, Technical Support
  21. Transportation Management
  22. Vehicle Routing, Dispatching
  23. Other
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