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Assembles county extracts from a dozen leading products with access via a Windows application Custom product $400 for first metropolitan county, $100 for each additional metropolitan county; $300 for first non-metropolitan county, $60 for each additional non-metropolitan county Technical documentation included on disc Order from U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, P.O. Box 277943, Atlanta, GA 30384-7943 or call Customer Services (Tel. 301-457-4100; FAX: 888-249-7295 (toll-free); 301-457-3842)

Subject content: Compiles data from over a dozen leading census products for a customer-specified county or counties. The data collection includes demographic and housing data from the 1990 decennial census; economic data from the 1987 and 1992 Economic Censuses, 1993 and 1994 County Business Patterns and 1994 ZIP Code Business Patterns data; and, geographic data from the Census Tract Street Index. Integrated Windows software provides access to all of these data and also allows access to user files.

Also included are: extracts from the 1990 Census Public Use Microdata Samples (where available) along withthe DOS software to access the data; Landview II, a computer mapping system; and, TIGER/Line 1995 files to be used with commercial software or for user application development.

Geography: Counties, places, ZIP Code areas, census tracts, block groups and blocks

Census contact: Customer Services (orders), 301-457-4100; FAX: 888-249-7295 (toll-free); 301-457-3842

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