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108th CD Census 2000 Picture of Census Bureau Tiger TIGER/Line® Files

The 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files are the latest verison of the Census 2000 TIGER/Line files and use the same file format as the other Census 2000 TIGER/Line files. It does not reflect the major reformatting of the TIGER/Line files that appear in the post-Census 2000 (2002) TIGER/Line file versions. However, there are some field name and content changes from earlier versions of the Census 2000 TIGER/Line files.

The major difference between the 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files and the UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files is that the 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files contain the 108th Congressional Districts. The 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files also contain the corrected Census 2000 Urban Areas and the 1990 Urban Areas, redefined based on the Census 2000 Urban and Rural criteria.

The address ranges appearing in the 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files are based upon the addresses in the final Master Address File (MAF) used for tabulating Census 2000. These are the same address ranges originally introduced with the Census 2000 TIGER/Line files released in October, 2001. The 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files coverage is as follows: all counties, parishes, boroughs, census areas and equivalent entities for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas.

Note: In a few cases the boundaries of the 108th Congressional districts do not follow Census 2000 block boundaries. Where the boundary of a congressional district for the 108th Congress splits a Census 2000 block, the Census Bureau's maps and TIGER/Line files depict the correct location of the boundary. For data tabulation purposes, that census block is allocated in it's entirety to the 108th Congressional District specified to the Census Bureau by the state. This list provides all the 108th Congressional Districts that split census blocks and shows the congressional district where the block is allocated for data tabulation.

The 108th Congressional Districts appearing in the 108th CD Census 2000 TIGER/Line files reflect the information provided to the Census Bureau by the states. Several states did not provide congressional district codes for census blocks in water areas. This only occurred in large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and Long Island Sound. These water areas have a blank congressional district code.

The TIGER/Line files are extracts of selected geographic and cartographic information from the Census Bureau's TIGER® (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing) database.


File Overview

There is one TIGER/Line file (in a compressed format) for each county or county equivalent. The file names consist of TGR + the 2-digit state FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) code + the 3-digit county FIPS code (i.e. TGR01031.ZIP for Coffee County, Alabama.) Each state folder contains individual county files as well as a Counts file. The county files are stored in compressed format and are compatible with PK Ware's PK Zip software. The COUNTSnn.TXT files (where "nn" is the state FIPS code) show the counts for the number of records for each record type by county for a state. If the count for a particular record type is 0, then that record type does not exist for that county.

The Census Bureau produces the TIGER/Line files in ASCII text format only; therefore, the data are NOT in the form of map images. To create maps with the TIGER/Line files, one would typically use a Geographic Information System (GIS) package or other mapping software.

Users are responsible for converting or translating the files into a format used by their specific software package. For information on how to use the TIGER/Line data with a specific software package one should contact the company that produced that software. For information on some of the companies that sell products that use TIGER/Line data or that provide TIGER/Line related services, refer to the TIGER Vendor List.

To fully comprehend the content of these files, please read the following documents before downloading:

Think we've missed a few counties? The Census 2000 versions of the TIGER/Line files are based on the boundaries of counties or statistically equivalent entities as reported to the U.S. Census Bureau to be legally in effect on January 1, 2000.

Click on the appropriate state/state equivalent area to download the files.

Alabama Louisiana Ohio
Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Oregon
Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
California Michigan Puerto Rico
Colorado Minnesota Rhode Island
Connecticut Mississippi South Carolina
Delaware Missouri South Dakota
District of Columbia Montana Tennessee
Florida Nebraska Texas
Georgia Nevada Utah
Hawaii New Hampshire Vermont
Idaho New Jersey Virginia
Illinois New Mexico Washington
Indiana New York West Virginia
Iowa North Carolina Wisconsin
Kansas North Dakota Wyoming
U.S. Island Areas
American Samoa Guam Northern Mariana Islands
Midway Island U.S. Virgin Islands

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Geography Division
Created: May 3, 2002
Last revised: Friday, 11-Apr-2003 16:22:34 EDT

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