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Record Layout

Expected release date: First quarter, calendar year 2007. The 2006 Second Edition TIGER/Line files contain updates to street features and/or address ranges from the Census 2000 versions of the TIGER/Line files in counties where the Census Bureau has realigned street features as part of the MAF/TIGER Accuracy Improvement Project (MTAIP).

The Census Bureau has made some changes to the 2006 Second Edition TIGER/Line file format. We have added some new fields to Record Type A, including the upper and lower chambers of the current State Legislative Districts (field names SLDUCU and SLDLCU, respectively). The current Congressional District field (field name CDCU) now reflects the 110th Congress. In Record Type C, the Combined Statistical Area/Combined New England City and Town Area Code (field name CSACNECTA) has been updated, and is now called the Combined Statistical Area/Combined New England City and Town Area/State Legislative District (Upper and Lower Chambers) Code (field name CASLD).

2006 Second Edition TIGER/Line File Record Layout  [PDF]

The 2006 Second Edition TIGER/Line files are the last version of the TIGER/Line files the Census Bureau plans to release. With the modernization of the MAF/TIGER systems, the Geography Division will release future TIGER spatial data in shapefile format. We will release more information about our TIGER shapefiles over the next year. Eventually, we will also release TIGER spatial data in GML (TIGER/GML™), and over the web on WebTIGER™ as a Web Feature Server (WFS) and a Web Map Server (WMS).

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Created: December 11, 2006