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Picture of a houseSurvey of Market Absorption


Because of the interest in apartment construction throughout the Nation, both private industry and government have a need for information on the demand for rental and condominium housing. This report provides data on the rate at which privately financed, nonsubsidized housing units in newly constructed multiunit (5 units or more) buildings are absorbed, that is, rented or sold, on the market. National data are published on absorption rates (at 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month intervals), asking rent or price, and number of bedrooms. Regional and metro/nonmetro data include median asking rent or price and 3-month absorption rate. The distribution of multifamily unit completions by type (furnished, unfurnished, cooperative or condominium, federally subsidized, and other) are also included. The published data do not include infor- mation for individual metropolitan areas.
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