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o MABLE/GeoCorr Geographic Correspondence Engine

o Map Stats an easy way to view profiles of states and counties

o 1990 Census Lookup create your own extract files from the 1990 summaries

o WWW Thematic Mapping System

o Generate detailed maps on-the-fly

  1. Tiger Map Server
  2. Tiger Map Server v2.5 (requires Netscape 2.0 or later)

o US Gazetteer place name, and ZIP code search engine

o Census CD-ROM's at University of California (nearly 300 online!)

o Ferret Data Extraction and Review Tool (March CPS data)

o o Data Extraction System (V4.2) (Surveys-On-Call) - Create custom data extracts from surveys, including the Current Population Survey, the Survey of Income and Program Participation, American Housing Survey, etc.

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