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Information about the Future...

The Census Bureau makes population projections at the United States and state levels. For a list of projections contacts in specific states who may make projections for smaller geographic levels, click here. Population projections of a variety of characteristics for the United States and states are available by clicking on Population - Projections under Subjects A-Z. International projections are available in our International Database.

...the Present...

The Census Bureau makes population estimates at the United States, state, county, metropolitan area, minor civil division, and place levels. Current population estimates also are available by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin for the United States, states, and counties for selected reference years. The Census Bureau does not produce population estimates by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin below the county level. We also produce housing unit and household estimates. The estimates site is updated regularly and contains the most current estimates available.

The Current Population Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation provide detailed social, economic, and demographic characteristics of persons and households for the United States. If you want current detailed characteristics information for the United States, click on the topic (e.g., education, marital status, mobility) you need under Subjects A-Z or use the Data Extraction System (DES) access tool. Some historical data are also available by subject.

...And the Past

Decennial censuses provide detailed characteristics of the population for census tabulation geography. On the Internet, the 1990 census lookup tool provides access to these detailed characteristics for a wide variety of geographic levels (e.g., United States, states, counties, places, census tracts, ZIP Codes, Congressional districts). Additional Selected 1990 census data tables also are available. We have no on-line data access tool for censuses prior to 1990.

The Census Bureau has limited other historical data accessible through the Internet. Check under each topic listed under Subjects A-Z. Photocopies of pages from historical census volumes can be photocopied and mailed/faxed for a fee.

The genealogy page provides information on research sources available.

Other Information

For questions pertaining to our compressed (.zip) files please see our PKZIP Information page.

Income and poverty information is available under Subjects A-Z. Questions can be forwarded to hhes-info@census.gov.

Send a message, including your telephone number, to pop@census.gov.

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