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Educational Attainment data are collected annually in the Current Population Survey (CPS) and reported every March for the Nation, with limited detail for states and some metropolitan areas. More detail on educational attainment for states, metropolitan areas, and more specific geographic areas is collected in the decennial census. Check under our 1990 Census Lookup for these data.

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CPS March 1997

CPS March 1996

CPS March 1995

Historical Tables

  1. Years of School Completed by People 25 Years Old and Over, by Age and Sex: Selected years 1940 to 1996

  2. Percent of People 25 Years Old and Over Who Have Completed High School or College, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex: Selected Years 1940 to 1996

  3. Mean Earnings of Workers 18 Years Old and Over, by Educational Attainment, by Race Hispanic Origin, and Sex: 1975 to 1996

Data Availability

March Current Population Survey (CPS) data on Educational Attainment are available from 1968 to present as CD-ROMs or as Magnetic Tape Reels or Cartridges. You may order any of these products through CenStore by clicking on the specific product you wish to order.

Previous publications are also available in CenStore.

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