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This web page is maintained by Chris Stuber of the US Census Bureau.

Current Postion:  Computer Specialist (Networks) GS-334-13/5

Current Address:  US Census Bureau   
                  Federal Building 3, Room 2250   
                  Washington, DC  20233   
Phone:            301.457.2354 office
                  800.504.1847 pager

EMail Address:    Chris.Stuber@Census.GOV

   Interests:     Optical Fibers applied to data and voice communications
		  (FDDI, ATM, SONET, Ethernet), IP Routers (Cisco, 3Com,
	          SynOptics), Firewall implementations and Security Profiles,
		  World Wide Web applications, Internet, Unix(r) (BSD and
		  SVR4), SuperComputing, Transputing, CDROM publishing,
		  GIS, CAD/CAM, SLIP/PPP, X Windows

   Interests:     Dirt Bikes (Motocross/Enduro), Drag Racing, 
                  ATV's (All Terrain Vechicles), NASCAR, SuperBikes,
                  Offshore Saltwater Fishing

Current Projects: 1990 Census Lookup
                  Tiger Map Server
                  The US Gazetter 

Papers:           The University of California CD-ROM Information System

A (bad) photo of me.

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