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To reach us

Our address
To get in touch with us
To get to CERCA

Our address

CERCA (Centre de recherche en calcul appliqué)
(Center for Research on Computation and its Applications)
5160 Décarie Blvd., suite 400
Montréal, Québec H3X 2H9

To get in touch with us

Telephone: +1-514-369-5200
Fax: +1-514-369-3880

General information: Claire Poulin, Secretary, info@cerca.umontreal.ca
Direction: André Biron, Associate Director and Interim Director, biron@cerca.umontreal.ca
Webmaster: Chantal Pic, webmaster@cerca.umontreal.ca
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To get to CERCA

By metro (subway)

The Metro system in Montréal has a well-deserved reputation for efficiency: it is clean, safe, frequent (trains every 5-7 minutes), fast, quiet, and, except at rush hours, relatively uncrowded. The system consists of 65 stations on four colour-coded interconnecting lines covering approximately 64 kilometers of track (map of the system). The station for CERCA is Snowdon (situated at the intersection between th Blue Line and the Orange Line, west). When you come out of the Snowdon station, you will be on Queen Mary Road: take on the right and CERCA is located approximately 300m from there (see a map of the area).
Fare : Single ticket: $1.85; 6 tickets: $8.

By car

From the airports

International flights arrive either at Mirabel or Dorval airport.

Flights from North America and some international flights arrive at Dorval airport.


Hereafter hotels that CERCA usually advise to its guests. The price as mentioned are those you can get through CERCA.

Hilton Bonaventure
Place Bonaventure (downtown). Metro: Bonaventure station.
Telephone : 1-514-878-2332

Château Versailles
European style hotel.
1659 Sherbrooke West (downtown). Metro: Guy-Concordia station.
Telephone : 1-514-933-3611

Terrasse Royale
Room with a kitchenette.
5225 Côte des Neiges road (near CERCA). Metro: Côte des Neiges station.
$60/night, single. 65 $/night, double.
Telephone : 1-514-739-6391

Résidence - Oratoire Saint-Joseph
Pavillon Jean XXIII or Foyer des Pélerins.
Room with communal bathroom and kitchen.
3474 Queen Mary (near CERCA). Metro: Côte des Neiges station.
$29/night. Possibility of monthly renting at the Foyer des Pélerins ($340/month).
Telephone : 1-514-733-8211, extension 2640 (Pavillon Jean XXIII) or extension 2441 (Foyer des Pélerins).


Hereafter the list of restaurants around CERCA.

Au Comté de Provence (café-cake shop), 4983, Queen Mary.

Café Twist (italian), 5208, boul. Décarie. Pasta and salads. Very warm welcome, cooking at a good price and real espressos!

Bogatello. 5375 Queen Mary. Choice of about 20 menus for lunch. Low prices.

Eatz (Jewish), 5403, Queen Mary.

Hyang Jin (Japonese), 5332, Queen Mary.

Jardin de Pékin (Chinese), 5339, Queen Mary.

Jarred (bakerie-sandwiches). 5335A, Queen Mary. Take-out, soups, sandwiches, empanadas, muffins.

La Casalinga (Italian), 5095, Queen Mary.

Mikos (Greek), 5253, Queen Mary.

Papillon de Szechuan (Chinese), 5405, Queen Mary. Good quality.

Rapsodia (Romanian), 5131 boul. Décarie.

Rockaberry (salads, sandwiches, quiches), 5390, Queen Mary.

Sitar (Indian), 4961-D, Queen Mary. Daily special. Good cooking midly spicy. Good welcome. Nice setting.

Snowdon Delicatessen, 5265, boul. Décarie.

Trattoria La Capricciosa (Italian), 5202, boul. Décarie. Good, but quite expensive.

Van Houtte (sandwiches, cakes, soups), 5220, Queen Mary.

Wendy's / Tim Horton (fast food), 5180, boul. Décarie.

Wok Magique (Chinese), 5130, boul. Décarie.


Banque Laurentienne, Banque de Montréal, Banque Nationale, Banque Royale, Banque Scotia, Toronto Dominium.

Post office inside Jean Coutu, 5345, Queen Mary or Canada Post, 4944 Décarie.

Pharmacies : Jean Coutu, 5150 Queen Mary and 5345, Queen Mary.

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