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VU is a configurable scientific visualization program for the display and analysis of numerical solutions. Based on a generic research activity at CERCA, its applications range from CFD to manufacturing, applied mathematics, civil engineering, computational chemistry, etc.

VU is available on the following platforms: AIX, IRIX and IRIX64, OSF1, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux.


The integration of VU into virtual reality immersion environments, Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) and Immersadesk, has been realized in collaboration with Indiana University VR/VE Laboratories.

[CAVE] [Immersadesk]

Representation of a CAVE and of an Immersadesk.
Indiana University VR/VE Laboratories.

This feature was part of a presentation entitled Industrial Mold Filling Simulation using an Internationally Distributed Software Component Architecture during the High Performance Computing Challenge of the SC98 conference (Orlando, Florida, November 7-13, 1998). The team presenting this challenge (which, apart from Benoît Ozell for VU, included people from the Industrial Materials Institute (IMI), Indiana University, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory) has been awarded the «Best Industrial Collaboration Award».

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