CheckM8 is committed to the right of Internet consumer privacy. CheckM8 technology services do not require the collection of any personal data from viewers. However, in order to provide the most enhanced end-user experience, CheckM8 utilizes cookies. A cookie is a unique computer identifier that by no means intrudes on the users' anonymity to CheckM8, nor is required for the operation and/or serving of CheckM8 advertisements. The acceptance and removal of cookies is controllable from standard web browsers, whereby users can easily adjust their cookie filtering sensitivity related to CheckM8 due to our P3P-compliance. The following details the principles for the collection and utilization of information by CheckM8 in strict confidence of our online privacy policy:

Collection of Internet Consumer Data

CheckM8 does not collect any personally-identifiable information regarding consumers who view or interact with CheckM8 advertisements (e.g. name, phone number, street address, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, social security number).

CheckM8 solely collects non-personally identifiable ad delivery and reporting data (Operating System, Type of Browser, Plugins, IP address, page(s) visited, date and time of advertisement viewing and interacting).

Use of Internet Consumer Data

CheckM8 uses collected consumer data information for the sole purposes of providing best suited campaigns fitting user device capabilities and reducing the repetition of advertising via cookie-based reach and frequency capping.

Accordance of Internet Consumer Data

CheckM8 cookie usage and ad delivery and reporting data upholds full compliance to the Network Advertising Initiative definition of Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) and the Safe Harbor agreement under Directive 95/46/EC with the European Union. This means that none of the data can be correlated to any individual Internet consumer, and therefore it cannot be applied for profiling purposes.

CheckM8, Inc. reserves the right to modify this privacy policy statement at any time without notice. As such, and for the sake of ease for interested parties to keep up-to-date with the policy, a Last Updated denotation will be clearly posted whenever modified. Please address any questions or concerns to:


“When we decided on CheckM8, we were thinking of our clients. Our advertisers, merchants and e-commerce producers have been requesting more advanced on line marketing tools like the ones we are able to offer them with CheckM8.”

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