About Chegg:

So what is Chegg? Chegg is a hybrid of Chicken and Egg. Yes, this does imply incest. Have a problem with that? Incest if best put your Oocyte to the test. Actually we're just yolking. Hehe, cracks me up. But it does mean Chicken and Egg. Want the real, bullshit, sloganish reason? Ok, here goes: (in an official sounding anal voice)

"Which came first, the Chicken, or the Egg? Well, we here at Chegg want to make your life easier. That is why we've answered that question for you. They came at the same time. How you ask? Because. That is the kind of simple, make your life easier answers that you can come to expect from Chegg. Let us do the thinking, so you don't have too. We know it's hard."

And now, the Chegg FAQ:

Q:What is with the Chegg divisions?

    A: Currently Chegg is divided up into four subsections:
    • CheggWare -> Software (CheggStyle)
    • CheggWear -> Clothing (or lack of)
    • CheggNasty -> Assorted Comedy (read: "Obscene Comedy")
    • CheggWar -> "Couches suck, burn your life" ---Mark
Q: Who is behind Chegg?
    A: Scroll down and find out
Q: Do you have a mailing list / How do I contact you? Q: I have an idea for CheggWare, what do I do?
    A: Congratulate yourself. Go to our Contact Page and send us an email.
Q:Are you available for work?
    A:Yes. We will do just about anything for money. Including custom webpaging, custom programming, custom graphics, custom anything. If it's sexual, you're female, and you have picture, it will probably be on the house.

The Men of Chegg

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Want to know more?

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