~ Without Josh, we'd be f*cked ~

CheggWare is the software section of Chegg. Right. And that's about all the explanation that is needed. I hope. If you need more than that I have three (rather traditional) words for you:

*Neener Neener Neener*

Anyway, enough of that. Time for some...

August 22, 2000:

Cheggsearch v1.32 is now available. We fixed the clear menu bug and did some other random snazzing up. We're also back at Iastate. Yea! Welcome back network. I'd write more but I need to go pirate stuff now. Boner.

April 18, 2000:

CheggSearch v1.3 now available for download. Fresh out of beta testing and ready for you. It's amazing, it's great, it will WASH YOUR DOG! ... well, not really, but it's really, really cool.

Cheggometer v1.2 available for download. Updates are fixes for the two "not availables" and an auto-updater. Download this version and be automatically told when we fix the "large fonts bug" (should only affect you wussies at AMD and whoever else uses large fonts) and the "I'm on a shitty dialup connection bug" (should only affect those on *dramatic pause* a shitty dialup connection).

March 20, 2000:

Cheggometer v1.1 is now available for download in zip format. Can't unzip? Well... damn... you've got some problems. Get yer ass over to some web page that has unzip programs like Winzip or Alladin or something. Don't worry though, we won't make you work too hard. There'll be a self extracting zip available for those of you who are unzipping impaired.

Sometime After Founding:
Babies first web page. (not to be confused with babies first orgasm)

Random Thursday in January or Febuary: (we think)
Chegg and CheggWare founded.

Beware of web sites bearing Gifs... hee hee