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CheggSearch: *ahem*

I like eggs and jelly,
I like toast and jam,
I like the simple things in life,
And that's why I like Spam!

Thank you, Thank you. But seriously folks, CheggSearch is a front end for StrangeSearch, a site that searches the ISU Network. What does that mean to those of you off the network? NOTHING! But for those of you on the network you will love it. Features include:

  • Sorting by filename, filesize, or hit number.
  • Condensing of multiple hits.
    (no more 17 thousand links to the same file)
  • Displays all hits, not just 50.
  • Runs faster than an anal probed alien abductee after seeing a frisbee.
    (IE and Netscape are slow)
  • Auto update notification to keep YOU informed, buddy.
  • Open any folder level in the path of the file.
    (even those really dirty ones)
  • Remember previous searches.
    (can be disabled for you closet porno fiends)
  • Lag on purpose option.
    (for the morons in the audience, or to annoy your roommate)
  • A really cool about page where you can see us naked.
    (or something to that effect)
  • Lots of other goodies that will make searching the network much easier and fun.

Click for Screenshot (woo hoo)

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Thank you, Drive through.

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