~ We haven't eaten since 1993 ~

Wow. You came. You love me! You really really love me!


Ya. Anyway, I bet you're wondering, why donate to Chegg? You're probably saying something like:

"Those wonderful boys probably make lots of money. How could could they not? Infact, I'll bet that there is an asparagus in my driveway right now. I think I'll go eat it."

Well, Shirley, I'm sorry to say that is not all true. Even though it is very likely that you have a very edible asparagus in your driveway right now, it is not true that we have money. Infact, we can't even afford to pay people to have sex with us. It's horrible.

*sigh* Anyway, more realisticly, we are in debt. But we really don't care about making a profit, we just want to break even. Y'see, all the programs that we have created were created because we thought they were needed. Actually... all except CheggNasty, that was a shameless attempt at getting us repeat hits. But anyway, not to get noble or anything, but we do this site and create these programs because it's fun and useful. Everything we've made we use ourselves. Making a profit would be an added bonus, but not essential.

However, we would like to break even, hence the original advertisements. We prefer to make money off sh*thole corporations than our fans/users/etc. However, the sh*thole corportations ( decided they didn't feel like giving us money anymore (pigf*ckers) so now we must ask for donations.

Don't worry, they aren't manditory. Chegg and all of Chegg's products will always remain completely free. It would just be cooler if you'd give us some moolah.

Current expenses:
Internic fees (owning
Chairs and couches to start on fire
Small children to feed to Mortimer, our pet Cockatoo

What you get:
Mentioned on Chegg's main page
Advertised on Chegg's main page (if applicable)
Some other stuff

We will also have t-shirts for sale shortly.

Intrested? Then send mail for more information.
(our address etc) We will accept any sum of money.

Want to donate without spending money? Refer us to people. We do custom webdesign, programming, graphics, and throw a mean frisbee.

Don't shove butter down your pants. It's nuts.