These are sites that we think don't suck, by merit of either their humor, art, originality, usefulness, or how much they paid us. We're not going to be linking to crap like stile etc, because you all know about that stuff anyway. Pretty much this will be sites we find while screwing around or that we know personally. If you don't find them entertaining, we'll give you your money back, and/or Mark will blow you.

- Chegg's sister site. Created, ran, and maintained by the same goatfuckers that do all that shit for this site. It's your basic buy/sell/trade site for ISU, so most of you off campus people probably couldn't give less of crap about it, but it's our links page so we get to have it up. *Neener Neener Neener*
- Ran by some of our local friends at ISU, Talenos has been around for about half the time Chegg has, and yet is probably more popular among ISU students. Go figure. It's either because of his drunk girls video scandal (hows that for a teaser?) or because Matt Newcomb is a media whore. Who knows? It's your basic hilarious entertainment multimedia site featuring videos that you need to watch. One day Chegg and Talenos will have a baby, Cheggenos (Talenegg?), and it will destroy the universe in a blaze of mustard. And then you people will get to say "Hey, I knew them before they were Gay!"

- Ok, yea, I know I said I wasn't going to link to any of the big sites, but this site may not be THAT well known. Either way it's worth mentioning because both Mark and Seager go there a lot, so there. If you like 8-bit, or even know what I'm talking about when I say "8-bit", make sure you give it a visit for nostalgia reasons.

Electric Biscuit
- This is a guy Seager kinda knows, somehow. He runs the most rapidly changing site we've ever seen. He has a new design every few months, it seems. And the scary thing is, the designs are always insanely good. Very artsy. Good eye candy for you porn freaks out there. .. Except it's not porn, or something. You get the point.

Lactose intolerant monkeys, they are.