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Penis Monkey Crap is the name/type of our keyboard. Sound strange? Well, it's not. Most likely you have a QWERTY keyboard, or, if your really computer savy, a DEVORAK. (note: seeing as I'm not, apparently, computer savy, I have no idea if I just spelled "devorak" right.) We simply got tired of those boring 'ol keyboard types, and created a Penis Monkey Crap type keyboard. Simple enough right? Well, no, 'cause this is where the story gets strange.

See, little did we know that if arrange the letters in certain ways on keyboards, they sometimes do strange things. For instance, if you were to create a "BayofFidelCastro" keyboard you get to meet Alien Gonzales, if you create a "SloppyJoe Milosovic" keyboard you would be forced to work for foodservice, or if you were to create a "TofuMonger CheeseWeasle" keyboard, then you would die. A lot. Why? We don't know. That's just the way it is. It's kind of like how Buicks are made up of 80% water.

So what happens when you create a "Penis Monkey Crap" keyboard? Well, it comes alive. Then is swallows your soul. But that's ok 'cause it'll cough it up in a hairball later and you can pick it back out, no harm done. More importantly, it also makes you go around to new and exciting places and take pictures of random people holding it. We got some pretty strange looks doing this website, but it was worth it. You'll be amazed at how many ways you can pose keyboard.

So now, because we have no other choice, we bring you:

The Adventures of Penis Monkey Crap

March 8th, 2001
Pablo the CheekyOne: We finished captioning the March 2nd posts, enjoy.

March 3rd, 2001
Seager: The weather was pretty sweet last night, so we decided to do another PMC voyage, this time teaming up with Matt from Mark gets the coveted honor being the first captioner this time, so the picture will be captioned as soon as he gets around to starting us off.

January 14th, 2001
Seager: Uhh... yea... if you were recently you may have noticed that the page looked... interesting... because my computer crashed during an update and I forgot to finish what I was doing when it restarted, hence the tags that I didn't close, etc. It was ugly. I also never put in the closeups of the keyboard, but they are up now.

January 8th, 2001
Josh and Mark have added their comments, and we have taken a few closeups of the keyboards. Yay Digicam!

December 29th, 2000
After days of work and months of procrastination (and a broken scanner), Penis Monkey Crap has been launched. Josh and Mark haven't been able to add their comments yet because Seager did this while at home over break. In the future check this space for when we add comments to pictures and when different pictures have been added/taken.

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Adventures are arranged by date and location

There are around 4 to 5 pictures per page. The names of people and some places have been changed to keep freako stalkers away. If one of these pictures happens to be of you and you would like it removed or your face fuzzed out, Click Here

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- (So you can read the what the PMC says)

Early October (exact date unknown)- (PMC's maiden voyage)
Lincon Way (random people, often drunk) - 9 pictures / 2 pages
Campus Town (Mmm... Bar Sluts...) - 10 pictures / 2 pages
B***** House (This is where Seager lives) - 8 pictures / 2 pages
Random shots (rubber animals!) - 3 pictures / 1 page
Courtyard (Mark jumps the PMC on this bike) - 8 pictures / 2 pages

March 2nd, 2001- (Chegg joins up with Matt, from
The Arches (Come meet the arch people) - 7 Pictures / 2 pages
Lincon Way (It's the only way) - 3 pictures / 1 page
Campus Town (Got Beer?) - 22 pictures / 5 pages
The Memorial Union (BOHICA!) - 11 pictures / 3 pages

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