Make the StupidCam float!
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Webcams are fucking stupid. This cam is fucking stupid. It should not exist. It wastes my RAM, it'll probably never be on, and when it does it will be pointed at either stupid things or one of us staring blankly at this computer. Why? I don't know. It must entertain somebody, right? Otherwise they wouldn't exist in the first place. Well, I had a really shitty camera laying around and some spare time so I made this. I still hate webcams.

Maybe I can get it on one of those cam portals on the "big" websites. (No, we're not a "big" website yet, damnit) Ever look at those? Ever notice how no one's cam is ever on? EVER? It's pretty much just a graphic links site. "Oh, ____ is hot, that must mean their website doesn't suck." NO! FUCK YOU! That's stupid! Granted, I do that too, but only in hopes of seeing them naked, WHICH I NEVER DO! What a shaft. Webcam's suck.

So, maybe that's what this cam is, a protest cam. Sure, it may be pointed at us a lot so we can have fun when talking to people online and stuff, but most likely it will be pointed at stupid shit. Like my plant, or my fridge, or Mark. Argh. I don't know. I hate the whole concept of webcams, but yet we have one, and I look at the cam's of other people. What the hell?

Voyeurism has gotten way too easy. I miss the old days when you had to get dressed all in black and sneak through backyards and shit to spy on people. This webcam business has made people lazy. Thanks to them, horny little children will never learn the necessary stalking skills that are needed to be horny old men, and then what? We all know old people don't know how to use computers! When our children get old they won't know how to properly stalk their nurses, nieces, or nephews! They'll be left to fend for themselves with ancient copies of playboy, shooting old man jizz all over the sidewalk, WHICH I'LL PROBABLY HAVE TO CLEAN UP! I don't want to fucking do that! If I ever get jacked off on by some old fartknocker I'm going to personally come to every one of you webcam people's house and piss in your coffee.

The End.

I spent way too much time on this shitty thing.