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November 8th, 2000
We found and fixed bugs yesterday. Just little ones, like the "oh crap, no new people could register before 8am" bug, and the always amusing "it's completely impossible to post into the wishlist in any catagory that has subcatagories" bug. Yea... well, they're fixed now. Maybe we shouldn't have redesigned the site the night before table tenting for it... eh... nahhhh...

In other news, some dude from sent us a message last night about their site, located at Funny how that works, eh? We're still not exactly sure what the site is, but they have a really funny Maple Hall Virtual Reality Tour complete with annoying backgrounds and hard to read text. But that's ok, 'cause it makes fun of Maple, and anything that makes fun of Maple is ok by Chegg. We're not really sure what the rest of the site does, but it is done by ISU students, and that's always a good thing. (insert about 10 minutes of space here while Seager goes and explores the site more) Holy Biznits, I'm pissing my pants. These guys are creative. I love the Internet Guides holy monkeys...

One last thing, since we were planning on sticking this in the news yesterday... well... Actually, we weren't, but should have. It's our "Coming Soon!" list. Note, that the word "soon" could mean any length of time, but in our experience, "soon" means about 2-3 weeks after we say it'll be done. Anyway, soon, we'll soon have a links section ('cause there are alot of other good ISU sites out there) and a thanks page of some sort ('cause a lot of people have helped contribute to Cheggpost's success).

November 6th, 2000
First of all, the above date is controversial. The technical date is Nov. 6th, but for some stupid reason Mark wanted Seager to write Nov. 7th 'cause he thought it'd be cool. To end the dispute, Seager challenged Mark to a Rock-Paper-Scissors best two out of three competition and defeated him (woo hoo).

In more important news, Cheggpost got a new site design (yay) and now has categorizing (and there was much rejoicing). We organized the existing database but the rest is up to you. Post in your respective categories, or we will hunt you down and laugh at you.

The site is also more navigable because we made a for sale/wishlist toggle thingy on the left side of the screen. (Note, Seager originally said the right side of the screen, because he's blind and stupid) The wishlist should now be easier to browse through. We like it. And speaking of site design, if you don't like it, sorry. All of the important design decisions were decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors tournaments as well.

The site doesn't fit as well on 640x480 anymore. In fact, it kinda blows monkey excrement. That is why you can still use the old site, located here. Use the old site if you hate our new design, have a very low resolution, or suck. Have comments on the new site design? Send feedback to If you hate it, please tell us.

And finally, we table tented today (tomorrow?) er... whatever day the freakin' 7th is. Tuesday... yea... Anyway, a special thanks to Copyworks (thanks for undercharging us), Shuriken (for boxes), Alan, Jeff, Boone, and Steph (for helping fold table tents). Extra thanks to Dave (Shortbus) for excessive stapling help, and iro for helping us get the tents approved in the first place. We couldn't have done it without your BS'ing skills.

We hope the site continues to be as useful to you guys as it has been in the past.

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