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ChessBase Light is a special version of ChessBase 6.0 for free download. It is basically limited to 8000 games per database and supports the new CBH format of ChessBase 6 and Fritz5 and the PGN format.

Within the 8000 games barrier there is no limit to save, copy, convert, annotate, print, search, analyse, merge and classify games.

Board window view of CB Light with the integrated analysis module investigating two parallel main lines.

Documentation: ChessBase Light comes with extensive help files in English, German, French and Spanish. The "User guide" watches your handling of the program and introduces you to its advanced functions.

Registration and Download

All rights reserved. ChessBase holds the exclusive copyright to ChessBase Light. ChessBase Light may not be made available on other web sites or ftp servers. Any use of ChessBase Light in a commercial context has to be cleared with us first. ChessBase Light may explicitly not be distributed on CD or other media without written consent of ChessBase GmbH.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert my existing CBF-files to the new format?
The easiest way is to convert them directly with Fritz5.
Alternatively use the PGN file as intermediate: ChessBase Light reads and writes the PGN format. So use e.g. Fritz5 or Extreme Chess or a public domain utility to convert CBF to PGN. Then open the PGN database in CBLight and drop its symbol to your CBH database.
How can I access other analysis modules like Fritz500.DLL which I found in the directory CBWin.DLL on the Fritz5 CD?
The default analysis module is Fritz401.DLL. Hit Alt-F2 to toggle analysis with this module in a board window. To use Fritz500.DLL copy it from the Fritz5 CD into your CBLight directory. Open a board window and hit Alt-F3. To use Hiarcs6.DLL (coming with the Hiarcs6-engine for Fritz) hit Alt-F7.
How can I convert my data to PGN format?
Create a new database with the ending "PGN", e.g. "MYGAMES.PGN". Drag and Drop a database symbol or a game selection to the symbol of the PGN database. Alternatively you may use CTRL-C/CTRL-V to copy selected games.
How can I change the hash tables of the analysis module?
Edit the file CBLight.INI in the CBLight directory (not in the Windows directory). Change the value "AnalysisHashSizeKB".

Usage Hints

Pasting a PGN notation directly into a board window
Toggling the game data/moves in a game list
Managing a round robin tournament
Searching for manoeuvres
Counting games in opening keys
Generating player statistics
The folded notation