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Frequently Asked Questions

  What does ‘Chevening’ mean?
  What do Chevening Scholarship cover financially?
  Where do I apply for a Chevening Scholarship?
  What are the selection criteria for application?
  What types of courses can I study on a Chevening scholarship?
  Can I study outside the United Kingdom?
  Can I bring my family to the United Kingdom during my scholarship?
  Can I work permanently in the United Kingdom once my scholarship is finished?
  How easy is it to obtain a ‘Visa’ for my period of study in the United Kingdom?
  What is the IELTS test and how do I apply to take one?

Commercial Organisations and Higher Education Institutions

  How can my company or foundation offer short/long-term job placements/work attachments to Chevening scholars currently in the UK?
  I represent a UK Higher Education Institution (HEI). How can I attract more Chevening scholars to my Institution?
  I represent a company or foundation based outside of the UK. How can I help support more scholars from my country or region to get scholarships to the UK and what benefits will it bring my organisation?
  I represent a company or foundation in Britain. How can I contribute to Chevening, and what benefits will it bring my organisation?

Welcome to our FAQs
This is a collection of answers to the questions we are most often asked about the Chevening Scholarship programme. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us for further information.

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