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Welcome to Chevening Scholars Testimonials. These are true, first-hand accounts of scholars' experiences and they paint a vivid picture of what it is like to study in the UK.

Chevening Scholars welcome their new website
Chevening Online is now a month old and already we have over 700 registered members - all bona fide Chevening scholars. The response to the website has been extremely encouraging and the Chevening team has been kept hard at work ensuring that all the scholars' needs are met.
Here are just a few of the responses that scholars have sent.

A power packed programme in Leeds
I benefited from the scholarship, both from a short as well as long-term perspective. It enhanced my knowledge in many new areas of management and leadership. It's because of this newly acquired professional knowledge I am heading a hi-tech software company today.

Reminiscences from Singapore
The one-year spent in the UK has no doubt changed my life. Not only did it awaken in me an ability to think independently, it also transported me out of the cultural and political paradigm of Singapore and compelled me to re-look at many issues in life from a different perspective.

A happy ending after 2 years in London
When I received that phone call from the British Council in Riyadh informing me that I have been chosen among eight candidates for the Chevening scholarship, I was extremely excited. This was during my work time at the hospital as a nurse educator. I felt as if I want to scream loudly and tell everybody that I am going to study in UK.

No ghosts but a philosophical treat - St Andrews
At the beginning I was a bit apprehensive about the prospect of spending a year away from home. The adventure turned out quite well though, despite a rather poor outcome of my many ghost hunting expeditions through the haunted castles of Scotland.


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