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Class Notes

"Class Notes" is a new feature for Chevening alumni to briefly let the Chevening community know what is going on in their life post-Chevening. It could be work life, social life or family life. Have you recently married? Have you changed jobs? Have you started a family? Why not share your good news with your fellow alumni.

Immediately after completing my studies at London University (School of Orietenal & African Studies) in 2001 I returned home to Tanzania and reported back to my employer - the Ministry of Justice where I was serving as a State Attorney.

Having reported back I was moved to the Ministry Head Office from the country office where I used to be and I was even moved to a new department - Civil and International Law where my expertise could be used most. Only after a year things changed as I had to be requested to join the faculty of Law at the University of Dar-es-salaam to pursue a new career in academics.

I am now serving as an Assistant Lecturer and no longer as an Attorney and I feel happy that I can impart most of what I got as a Chevening scholar to many of my students! My job changed, my services to the nation likewise and so is life!

When you are a Chevening Scholar things can not remain the same afterwards.

Thanks to Chevening Programme.

Deo Nangela

I studied at the LSE from 2000 to 2001 and got an MSc in Politics of the World Economy. I think it has been so far my best year, the year where I discovered the most about myself and the world, about human relations and so much. I definitely came back with a different feeling inside of me, a feeling of security where I know I can do anything I really propose myself and work hard to achieve. I have met several of my classmates in places so far away as Tokyo, New York, Miami, Oslo, Brussels, Milan, and New Delhi. I have had visitors as well from USA, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland.

Although my field of study at the LSE was very abstract (i.e., how does globalisation work?), I feel confident that I have succeeded in everything I have done so far since then due to the open-mindness, initiative, analytical skills, and cosmopolitan view I gained while living in a city like London. I really hope there were more Chevening Scholarships available for several Ecuadorians every year; one seems not to be enough. The Chevening experience made me very close to the UK. I am a member of the British Alumni in Ecuador, meet the UK Ambassador once in a while, and cannot help staying away from British travellers when I see them around, and inviting them for a beer.

Martin Acosta

I have return from my MSc Operational Communication study in the UK and I have found it easier to understand the world around me.

I am currently on a Telecommunication project, responsible for the Technical Project management of the solution. There are many international personnel on the project and I have found it very easy to meet with them eye to eye and understand and appreciate their points of views. Also the management of adapting to there culture and likewise getting them adapted to our culture in Trinidad and Tobago has been easier and understood as being essential. Only my experience and interaction in the UK has risen my awareness and skills to be come professionally equipped to deal with these situations.

My trip to the UK has strengthened me tremendously to meet and exceed all challenges in the global arena today.

Glen Ragoonanan
Trinidad and Tobago

I have to say that Chevening has made me a different citizen of this world. It has enlightened me and helped me find my vision in life. Before going to study Development Studies in Leeds as a Chevening scholar I was a different person. I had poor skills for research, writing and thinking critically. Coming from a banking education system I faced a big challenge of learning and contributing to classes and to cope with my new academic life.

My scholarship has stimulated my mind and thinking. I started to question many things I have been taking for granted in this world. Right now I am a person hungry for knowledge and I am committed to make a difference not just in my country but in this whole world. Because of my Chevening experience I am confident and willing to do my share as to contribute to the peace in this world.

Nadwa Al-Dawsari

Scholar content  30th November 2004
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