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Life Back In Brazil

Fabio Andre Silva Reis came to the United Kingdom from Brazil as a Chevening scholar in 2002. After returning home armed with an Master's degree from the University of Sheffield he quickly took the position as a Governmental Manager in the field of Governmental Social Policies.

Fabio ReisIt feels like a long time ago since I left Brazil to attend the MA in International Criminology as a Chevening Scholar during the year 2002/2003.

Although it has been roughly a year since I obtained my Master's Degree at the University of Sheffield, several changes had taken place in my life since then. I am sure that the Chevening Scholarships Programme has played a key role for improving my professional and academic career.

Before I had the chance to study in the UK, I was working at a local NGO - Children and Adolescents Defence Centre of Bahia (CEDECA-BA), developing a project for fighting online child pornography in Brazil.

Whilst in the UK, I conducted an international comparative research study between the English Internet hotline - the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the pilot-project of the CEDECA-BA internet hotline. Once I was back in Brazil, I was employed in the Public Service as a human rights researcher for the State of Bahia and continued to provide assistance to CEDECA-BA as a voluntary consultant in the issue of child pornography and the Internet.

As a result, I have recently been approved in a State public exam and will be soon starting a permanent job as a Governmental Manager in the field of Governmental Social Policies. Besides that, we have seen funding success as a voluntary consultant to CEDECA-BA in two projects in the field of fighting child pornography on the Internet: an exploratory research study aiming at mapping the work of police, legislators, internet service providers and internet hotlines in Brazil; and a funding project to keep the Internet hotline in operation.

It is also worth noting that we have recently been invited by the INHOPE Forum (European Forum of Internet Hotlines) to participate into its Annual Meeting in Italy to discuss future membership of a Brazilian Internet hotline in the organisation.

I am at the moment conducting the referred exploratory research study and also taking part as permanent member in the National Forum against Paedophilia and Child Pornography on the Internet in Brazil, an initiative coordinated by the Brazilian Federal Government.

By the way, I also got married last January !

Fabio Andre Silva Reis

More about the work of CEDECA-BA

Scholar content  17th January 2005
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