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From Fiji To York

Akuila Ratu arrived in the UK from Fiji a few months ago to spend a year in the beautiful city of York. Although he knew he would be arriving in the Autumn he wasn't prepared for quite how cold it would be.

I arrived in the United Kingdom in early September 2004, and coming from a small island nation in the vast South Pacific Ocean, I found the land mass itself huge. Now I realise why people say that Fiji is just a 'dot in the vast pacific ocean'.

The weather is an experience in itself. Never have I experienced such cold and its not even winter yet (at the time of writing this). During the first week of September after arriving, I decided to try out playing in the university rugby trials at York. After an hour of warming up I couldn't feel a single droplet of sweat dripping down my body!!.

Finally just minutes into the game I had to signal to the referee that it was "time out" for me. When my team mates came over to ask me if I was injured, I politely turned to them asking them to bring me a blanket because I was feeling very cold. I was neither injured nor tired, just simply feeling the cold. Normally used to playing in hot sunny conditions, this was a totally new experience for me. But after one month, I started getting used to the climate and I really am beginning to appreciate and love the weather. Now I realise how hot the Fiji Islands really are.

As for the city of York, it is just so beautiful. I'm glad I made the right choice to come over to do my studies in York. The York Minster is just an amazing building and the intricate detailing of the cathedral is just so beautiful.

Already I'm beginning to have a personal attachment to the historical landmarks of York, the city and its landscape, the university, its students and lecturers and the people. It is just so beautiful.

Akuila Ratu

Scholar content  15th December 2004
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