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Online Features Rate Sheet, Effective February 3, 1997

The Chicago Reader's Website ( offers a variety of features and services adapted from and inspired by the printed paper. Rather than offer an "online version" of the Reader, we have focused on aspects of the paper that can be enhanced in the Web environment.

The features now available include:

, the Online Apartment Hunter: A searchable version of the Reader's well-known housing classifieds section. Users can search our huge rental database by price, location, and number of bedrooms.

Reader Telephone Matches: The city's most popular and effective personal ads for young adults. Users can place ads online, scroll through the categories, or search for key words that describe the kind of person they want to meet.

The Job Site: An online version of the Reader's Help Wanted section, developed in response to numerous user requests. Our search engine identifies temp, full-, and part-time job offerings; sorts hourly jobs according to pay; and breaks out food-service, office, and other popular categories.

The Straight Dope: The authorized Internet home of legendary answer-man Cecil Adams, whose syndicated column has been enlightening readers of the Reader and other alternative newspapers since 1973. In addition to the weekly column there are FAQs and figures on the Cecil legend, an archive of the past year's columns, and of course the demented artwork of Slug Signorino.

The Music Section: Features and previews from the Reader's Section Three, including Critics' Choices for the current week; Spot Check, a critical guide to club dates and concerts; Early Warnings, an advance music calendar; Post No Bills, a column of news and criticism; and the Mosh Pit, a newsgroup-like area where readers are invited to mix it up.

Banner Ad Guidelines and Prices

Banner placement: A maximum of two banners will be sold on each page, one towards the top of the page, just under the logo or headline, and one at the bottom of the page. We suggest advertisers include a line of copy under the banner itself, encouraging users to "Click here for more information" or using similar copy.

Banner size: 460 pixels wide x 55 pixels tall.

Links: The Reader will link from the advertiser's banner to the advertiser's site. (If the advertiser needs pages produced, the Reader will do so, at a cost to be determined.)

Identification: All banners will be identified as advertising.

 Price per week:  For advertisers who purchase $5000 or more annually in print Reader For other businesses  Rate held through:
Search page / top
$250 $400 6/30/97
Search page / bottom 
$250 $400 6/30/97
Results page / top
$250 $400 6/30/97
Results page / bottom
$250 $400 6/30/97
Reader Telephone Matches      
Home Page
 $35 $56 6/30/97
Men Seeking Women
$25 $40 6/30/97
Women Seeking Men
$25 $40 6/30/97
Men Seeking Men
$15 $24 6/30/97
Women Seeking Women
$15 $24 6/30/97
None of the Above
$25 $40 6/30/97
The Job Site  $50 $80 3/31/97
The Straight Dope Home Page $125 $200 3/31/97
The Music Section      
 Home Page
$15 $24  3/31/97
 Post No Bills
$15 $24  3/31/97
 The Mosh Pit
$15 $24  3/31/97
 Critics' Choices
$15 $24  3/31/97
 Early Warnings
$15 $24  3/31/97
 Spot Check
$15 $24  3/31/97

Except as noted, minimum ad buy is 4 weeks. Minimum ad buy for Music Section pages is 13 weeks. We need 4 weeks' notice for cancellation of any banner. These rates are not commissionable.

Chicago Reader Online Specifications for Advertising Banners

Advertising banners for the Reader's website can be created by the advertiser or--for no additional charge--by the Reader.

If the advertiser is creating one, it should be a GIF of up to 460 by 55 pixels in display size and no more than 8000 bytes of download size. To achieve this download size, we recommend using less than 256 indexed colors. To this, the Reader will append at the top a narrow band with the word "advertisement" in black on white. Animated GIFs are permitted. The finished banner is subject to approval by the Reader for content, appearance, and technical quality. It should be submitted by FTP to the Reader's anonymous FTP site,, and placed in the "pub/advertiser" directory. (Be sure to notify your rep when this has been done.)

If the Reader is creating the banner, we suggest no more than 5 large words of text and no more than 10 small words be used. Feel free to indicate to us the general appearance desired. Including a "click here" frequently increases results. Extremely simplified artwork can also be included if provided in scannable form by the advertiser; however, we do not recommend scanning type: for best sharpness, type items will be reset at the Reader even when included in paper artwork submitted. At present, the Reader is unable to create animated GIFs for customers.

In either case, we also need to know the URL to which you wish to have the banner refer. Banners can be changed as often as once per week. Please allow a maximum of two business days between submission and appearance for advertiser-created banners, and a maximum of one week for Reader-created ones

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