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Iran - Iraq Sign Religious Tourism Agreement
Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Hassan Kazemi-Qomi held talks with Iraqi Tourism Minister Qahtan Aljabouri on issues of mutual interest on Monday.
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Iran Registered as Tourism Hub on WTO List
Digital Map for Ancient Tehran Revealed
Armenian Monasteries in Iran Added to World Heritage List
Ancient Dezfoul Bridge to Be Restored
UNESCO Adds Three New Heritage Sites to its List
UNESCO to Decide About Inscription of "Armenian Monastic Ensembles"
Iran to Host Next OIC Tourism Ministers Meeting
Sassanid City Found Near Great Wall of Gorgan 250,000 Tourists Receive eVisa for Iran
Iranian and British archeologists have unearthed the ruins of a Sassanid city in the course of excavations at the Great Wall of Gorgan. Over 250,000 foreign tourists traveled to the Islamic Republic on eVisa (Electronic Visa) since the start of the current Iranian year on March 21.
Olympic Games Will Showcase China’s Potential for Tourism Spiegel Article Claims "Cyrus Cylinder" Is a Hoax! Iranian Teahouse Painter Khalili Dies at 64
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Iran to Introduce 200 Luminaries to UNESCO
The Research Center of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) is to introduce 200 luminaries as Iranian nationalities to UNESCO.
UNESCO Adds 27 New Sites to World Heritage List
UNESCO s World Heritage Committee added a whopping 27 new sites to its World Heritage List at its 32nd session this week, including Armenian Monastic Ensembles in Iran, a Hindu temple and a butterfly biosphere.
IslamExpo 2008 Opens in London

Iran Cultural Office is being represented by way of a pavilion at the exhibition, which features works by Mohammad Baqer Amirkhani, Ali Reza Pahlavan zadeh, Ali Reza Asadi in the fields of illumination, miniature, enamelling and engraving.

Persian Gulf Should Be on World Heritage List, UK Conference told
The Persian Gulf should be listed by UNESCO for its world heritage, an international conference at Durham University in northern England was told Wednesday.
Dresden Remains in World Heritage List
UNESCO s World Heritage Committee meeting in this oldest of Canadian cities decided Thursday not to de-list the eastern German city of Dresden from its prestigious list of protected world sites.
Persian Gulf Seminar to be Held at Durham University
An international seminar on Persian Gulf will be held at Durham University, UK, from Jun 30 to July 2.
Should Bamiyan Giant Buddhas Be Rebuilt?
 Mirza Hussain, and other prisoners like him, had labored for hours to stack mines, bombs and dynamite beneath the feet of Afghanistan s most iconic public artwork — a 175-foot standing statue of the Buddha carved from the sandstone cliffs of the Bamiyan Valley sometime in the 7th century.
Laser Mapping Tool Traces Ancient Sites
Tom Abate, San Fransisco Chronicle staff writer
Distorting the Name of the “Persian Gulf” Continues
Pejman Akbarzadeh
Mummy awakens new era in Egypt
Lisa Anderson, Chicago tribune
Burning of Persepolis by Alexander of Macedon
By: Diodorus, Translated by M.M. Austen