Citizenship and Immigration Canada
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About Citizenship

Canadians are proud of their citizenship. We value the rights and freedoms, and accept the responsibilities, that this status gives us.

CIC manages the application process and guides applicants through the steps to becoming Canadian citizens. CIC staff process citizenship applications, requests for proof of citizenship and searches of citizenship records.

Each year, approximately 160,000 people become Canadian citizens (representing about 85 percent of all immigrants) and take an oath of citizenship at ceremonies across the country. The oath is a personal commitment to accept the responsibilities and privileges of Canadian citizenship.

Learn about what being a citizen of Canada means:

Rights and Responsibilities
Rights you have as a Canadian citizen, and the responsibilities of citizenship

Citizenship Judges
Information about the people who serve as Citizenship judges in Canada, and members of the Citizenship Commission

Celebrating My Citizenship, My Canada
This year, Canada is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Cana dian citizenship

Education and Activities
Find citizenship information, ideas and activities for educators, youth leaders and interested Canadians

Special Events
Celebrating citizenship throughout the country

Citizenship Act
Legal policy that covers citizenship in Canada

Dual Citizenship
Information about holding citizenship in Canada and another country

Questions on Citizenship
Information for those born outside Canada or with questions about their citizenship

Urgent Need for a Citizenship Certificate (Proof of Citizenship)
Citizenship certificates may be issued to Canadians who demonstrate an urgent need to have their application processed

The Citizenship Ceremony and Citizenship Reaffirmation
Why you must attend the ceremony and take the Oath of Citizenship