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Applications Processed in Canada

This page will tell you the length of time CIC’s case processing centres (CPCs) currently need to process certain applications. The times posted on this page are for applications CIC processes in Canada and include applications for:

Types of Applications:

The processing times are updated weekly, so check often.

How to Use this Page
Make sure you note the type of application you submit as well as the date you submit it. The table will tell you which CPC is responsible for processing each type of application.

You can estimate the amount of time it will take to process your application. Note the date in the column “Processing Applications Received up to”, then add the amount of time posted in the column “Current Processing Time” to the date you submitted your application. This will give you an approximate date as to when you should receive a response from CIC. These processing times include a 10-day mailing period.

Read the tips for clients to help avoid delays in the processing of applications.

If after reading this page you need more information, please contact the Call Centre. Please note that Call Centre agents cannot speed up the process of your application or make decisions on your case.


  • Not all application processes are available on this page.
  • These are estimated processing times only.
  • If your application was sent after the date shown in the “Processing Applications Received up to” column, it has not yet been processed. If your application was sent before the date shown, you can check its status through e-CAS.

In-Canada Application Processing Times

(last updated June 11, 2007)

Processing Applications Received Up To Current Processing Time

Processing times are for the in-Canada portion of the application process
(see note 1)
Adopted Children, Children to be Adopted and Orphans Processed daily on a priority basis
(see note 2)
Parents and Grandparents May 5, 2005 25 months
Spouse, Common-Law or Conjugal Partner, Dependent Children and Other Relatives May 11, 2007 42 days

PRC Sydney
Processing Applications
Received Up To
Current Processing Time
Permanent Resident Card Initial, replacement or renewal of PR card for existing permanent residents May 23, 2007 44 days
(see note 3)
Newly arriving permanent residents
(once Canadian mailing address is provided)
30 days

Processing Applications
Received Up To
Current Processing Time
Permanent Residence Applications

Processing times are for “First Stage Approval”
(see note 4)
Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases May 13, 2006 12-13 months
Live-in Caregiver October 13, 2006 7-8 months
Protected Persons and Convention Refugees May 26, 2007 12 days
Spouse or Common-Law Partner Class October 30, 2006 7-8 months
Temporary Residence Protected Persons Status Document May 29, 2007 9 days
Study Permit May 13, 2007 25 days
Student Work Permit
(Co-op, Off‑campus and post‑graduation employment)
(see note 5)
May 25, 2007 13 days
Visitor Extension or change of Conditions March 26, 2007 73 days
Work Permit
(All other work permit applications, extensions or change of conditions)
May 1, 2007 37 days

(1) There is a two-step process involved in family class applications: the assessment of the sponsorship application in Canada and the assessment of the permanent residence application outside Canada by the visa office. There are separate processing times for each of these two steps. Find information on visa office processing times for permanent residence applications for spouses, common-law or conjugal partners; dependent children; parents and grandparents; and sponsorship applications for adopted children and other relatives.

(2) Applications for adopted children and children who will be adopted are processed on a priority basis, usually within 10 days of their receipt at the CPC.

Permanent Resident Card
(3) Includes approximate contact time needed by the local office.

Permanent Resident Applications
(4) Not all cases receive “first stage of approval” at CPC Vegreville. Some files may be transferred to a local CIC office. This may add further delays to the overall processing time.

Student Work Permits
(5) These processing times apply only to those applications submitted to unit 777 of the CPC. If you sent your application for a Post Graduation Work Permit or Co-op Program Work Permit to unit 202 of the CPC, your application will be processed within regular work permit application delays. CPC Vegreville will prioritize these cases as best as possible to ensure that all Student Work Permit applicants obtain permits as soon as possible.