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Issues in Jewish and Muslim Relations

The CMJE Issues database contains resources with articles, video, and various opinions in reference to specific issues concerning Jewish and Muslim relations.

Prophet Abraham , Women , Human Rights , Violence , the 'Other' , Jerusalem , Pluralism , Poverty Eradication
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  • Dr. Fathi Osman - Pluralism : An Islamic Perspective
  • Fiazuddin Shuayb Q&A

    1. Abraham and his sons:

    2. A Jewish Perspective

    3. Women in Islam and Judaism:

    4. A Muslim Perspective

      A Jewish Perspective

    5. The Place of Democracy and Human Rights:

    6. A Muslim Perspective

    7. Violence and Warfare in Islam and Judaism

    8. A Muslim Perspective

      A Jewish Perspective

    9. The 'Other' in Judaism and Islam:

    10. A Jewish Perspective

      A Muslim Perspective

    11. A Shared History: Jerusalem

    12. A Jewish Perspective

    13. Pluralism: An Islamic and Jewish Perspective

    14. A Muslim Perspective

    The database is updated frequently to include pertinent topics. If there is any topic of interest to you, your congregation, or organization please email:

    Issues currently being developed include:

    • Moses: from both a Jewish and Muslim perspective
    • Women in Islam and Judaism
    • Dietary Laws in Islam and Judaism
    • Medical Ethics in Islam and Judaism
    • Human Rights in Both Holy Scriptures
    • A Shared History: Islam, Judaism, and the West
    • A Shared History: The origins of Arabic and Hebrew
    • A Shared History: Islam and Judaism in Andalusian Spain

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