Codehaus is an extension of The Werken Company that aims to assist open-source Java developers by providing infrastructure and visibility to interesting, useful and viable projects.

Codehaus differentiates itself from other similar efforts in several ways. Codehaus places a firm priority on the production of useful code, and less on non-coding exercises such as voting, committee-forming and proposal-writing. Each project is provided autonomy to organize as it wishes and to address its own customer concerns and requirements directly. Codehaus is not entirely open to any and all projects. Projects must be sponsored or introduced through an informal manner by an existing haus-member and deemed to be "interesting".

Codehaus aims to support commercially useful projects, and thus does not sponsor or assist with projects licensed under the GPL or other business-hostile licenses.


New projects are currently in the process of being seeded or migrated to Codehaus. If you think your project is a good fit with the Codehaus mentality, please contact bob@werken.com.

  • blissed
  • classworlds
  • drools
  • ivory
  • jaxen
  • jerk
  • plexus
  • saxpath
  • xulux
  • werkz