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Other Awards for 2004

The Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award and Comic-Con International's Inkpot Awards did not have nominees listed for 2004. A complete history of all recipients is stored in the current files for these awards. Click on their names as listed here to go to their current pages and see all award recipients, including those for 2004.

For historical reference, the Manning Award Nominations are listed below:

The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award

The nominees for the 2004 Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award are:
  • Bosch Fawstin, writer/artist of the self-published graphic novel Table for One
  • Derek Kirk Kim, writer/artist of the self-published Same Difference, And Other Stories (now available from Top Shelf)
  • Ryan Ottley, artist of Invincible, published by Image
  • Phil Singer, artist of Stonehaven, a graphic novel published by Stickman Graphics
  • Eric Wight, artist of "The Passing of the Key," in Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, No. 1, published by Dark Horse Comics
The award will be presented on the evening of Friday, July 23, at the San Diego Convention Center as part of Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards ceremony.

The nominees are selected by a committee consisting of representatives of the West Coast Comics Club and Comic-Con International: San Diego.

The winner is chosen by past Manning award winners and Russ Manning assistants. The chair of the Manning Awards committee is Gene Henderson. He can be contacted via the Comic-Con International address:

Comic-Con International
Attn: Gene Henderson
P.O. Box 128458
San Diego, CA 92112

Portrait of Russ Manning
by Milton Caniff.

About the Manning Award
The Manning Award is given to comics artists whose work first appeared professionally (in a well-distributed publication) within the previous two years. It's given in the name of Russ Manning, the much revered artist on the comic book series Magnus Robot Fighter and the Tarzan and Star Wars newspaper strips. Manning was a popular fixture at Comic-Con in the 70s and a supporter of the West Coast Comics Club. The award was instituted after his death in 1982.

Past winners of the Manning Award, presented in conjunction with the West Coast Comics Club, are Dave Stevens (1982), Jan Duursema (1983), Steve Rude (1984), Scott McCloud (1985), Art Adams (1986), Eric Shanower (1987), Kevin Maguire (1988), Richard Piers Raynor (1989), Dan Brereton (1990), Daerick Gross (1991), Mike Okamoto (1992), Jeff Smith (1993), Gene Ha (1994), Edvin Biukovic (1995), Alexander Maleev (1996), Walt Holcomb (1997), Matt Vander Pool (1998), Jay Anceleto (1999), Alan Bunce (2000), Goran Sudzuka (2001), Tan Eng Huat (2002), Jerome Opena (2003).



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