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A Look Back at Comic-Con 2004
Comic-Con 2004 - A Look Back
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Secret Identities Revealed!

2004 Masquerade's largest unveiling ever

Trophy Winners

Best in Show: "Fairy Court," original designs created by Alexandria LaNier, with assistance from Luna, worn by Jessica, Tyler, Nicole, Kelly, Lilly, Andrea, Annalyse, Heather, Chase, Krista, and Karina.

Judges' Choice: "Forest Creatures," original designs created and worn by Paloma and David Candelaria.

Best Re-Creation: "The H.C.C. Presents The Easterling Army," from Lord of The Rings, made and worn by Cheryll Del Rosario, Judy Grivich, Annie Kim, Aimee Steinberger, and A.J. Wu.

Best Workmanship: "Autobot Leader Optimus Prime," made and worn by Blair Heald.

Most Beautiful: "Queen Amidala And Her Handmaidens," from Star Wars, made and worn by Bethany Roullett, Amanda Meerdink, and Lillian Schruhl.

Best Presentation: "The Electric Venus," an original design created and worn by Venus DeMille and Buzz Merkin.

Most Humorous: "Not the Droid You're Looking For" (Star Wars meets Futurama's Bender), made and worn by Cris and Kim Knight, Tim and Alex Knapp, Megan Arnold, Justine Senna, with R2D2 built and operated by Michael Senna.

Most Imaginative: "The Angel Of Death," an original design created and worn by Corey Webber.

Best Young Fan: "Beast Boy" (from Teen Titans Animated), worn by Ian McBride, made by Ian, Madeleine, and Clay McBride.
Honorable Mentions:
For Presentation: "Mad Love Harley Quinn," worn by Amanda Guilford, made by Amanda and Loreen Guilford.

For Television Recreation: "Pickman's Model," from the series Night Gallery, made and worn by Woody Welch.

For Humor: "Dragon Ball Sneez," an original design created and worn by Ericson Yee.

Company Prize Winners

DC Comics: $300 cash to the best portrayal of a DC character to "Mad Love Harley Quinn," worn and made by Amanda Guilford, with design assistance from Loreen Guilford.

Dark Horse Comics: $200 booth/website credit to the best Dark Horse character to "Anna Valerious," made and worn by Erika Engle.

Comic Gallery Stores: $100 to their favorite entry to "Mad Love Harley Quinn," worn by Amanda Guilford, and $50 to their favorite Young Fan, "Beast Boy," worn by Ian McBride.

Colleen Doran of Image Comics: For what she selected as the most elegant costumes, a $75 award to "Ozma, Princess of Oz," worn by Jocelyn Zimmerman, designed by Susan O'Neill, and another $75 award to "Ifrit," created and worn by Melissa (Suzushi).Kaylor.

Anime Pavilion: $150 booth credit for their favorite costume to "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past," worn and made by Kimberly, Lily, Marissa, Rebecca, Wayne, Hai, Rey, Jean, Lynleigh, Darryl, Chris, and Kimi. Also, $50 booth credit for runner-up "The Matrix Resurrected," worn by Armita, Andia, and Julien Pebdani, Lauren Cooper, Nicole Rojo, Brittani Francy, Rook Kelly, Alec Gilland, Brad Carter, Yoseph Asfan, John Nguyn, Greg Tavangar, Karl Tchdakov, Carolyn Poudin, and Chandler Garbell, designed by Wendy Cooper and Maria Castillo. And $40 booth credit for their favorite Best Young Fan "Beast Boy," worn by Ian McBride.

Barry Brown and Dawn Devine-Brown of Ibexa Press: A $150 prize for the costume best utilizing electronics or other high-technology to "The Electric Venus," worn by Venus DeMille and Buzz Merkin.

Darkest Desires: Lynn Perry presented $150 to the best costume inspired by horror or other dark genres to "Mina Murray from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," worn and made by Dany Slone.

ConDor/Conjecture: San Diego's annual science fiction conventions joined together to present a "Con-Tour" prize of free memberships to Conjecture III in October, ConDor XII in March, and Comic-Con International 2005, plus $100 cash, to the best first-time solo entry "Aragorn, Chieftain of the Dunadain," worn and made by Caitlin Kagawa.

Kismet Entertainment Group and Graveyard Filmworks: Chairman and CEO David E. Allen gave two cash prizes of $400 each to his favorite costumes "Not The Droid You're Looking For," made and worn by Cris and Kim Knight, Tim and Alex Knapp, Justine and Michael Senna, and Megan Arnold, and to "Beast Boy," worn by Ian McBride.

NBM: America's first publisher of graphic novels bestowed a total of $500 credit for their booth to all of the trophy winners ($100 for Best in Show, and $50 to each of the other categories).

Lucasfilm Ltd.: For the best costume entry from the Star Wars galaxy, the company presented a life-sized bust of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker as revealed at the end of Return of the Jedi, and as produced by Illusive Concepts. The special collector's piece from the Lucasfilm Archives went to " - Hyperspace - Episode III," worn and made by Kim Leigh, Charles Boling, Tiffany Molina, Michael Anderson, with assistance from Josie Figueroa.

PRA International: A $150 gift certificate good at its website ( to the best anime-related entry "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". PRA's entertainment division distributes live action films, anime, and collectible toys.

Committed Comics: An award of $200 to the best Young Fan portraying a comics character was bestowed to "Beast Boy," worn by Ian McBride.

The Marvel Collection/Legendary Heroes: To the entry they deemed best Lord Of The Rings re-creation, a handcrafted wood replica of Legolas's bow, plus arrows, or a choice of $500 worth of other merchandise from their website (, awarded to "Side by Side," worn and made by Cordelia Willis, Kelly Bolton, Carolyn Staehle, Leah Jakusovszky, Cathleen Trowbridge, and John Bourke. In addition, for the best Marvel Comics costume, a special Stan Lee-signed Spider-Man lithograph presented to "Spider-Man," worn and made by Michael Cisneros, with assistance from Larry Malott.

The Stevenson Entertainment Group: A prize of $150 presented to what they selected as the best non-comic book-based costume: "Autobot Leader Optimus Prime," made and worn by Blair Heald.

The Judge Report

It's not an easy job, but someone has to award all those Masquerade trophies to contestants. Fortunately, Comic-Con is blessed with a number of stellar folks who donate their time and expertise to the cause.
2004 guest trophy judges were:
Diane Duncan - Creator and producer of themed entertainment and special events for Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers. She also began her career performing on Broadway.

Wanda Piety and Dragon Dronet - Owners and chief creative minds behind Renegade Effects Group, a Hollywood special effects, costuming, and props company whose work has appeared in numerous motion pictures.

Jeanne Clason - Comic-Con's 2004 workmanship judge, Clason has extensive experience in historical costuming from Roman periods to the q8th century, is an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism; she's also created many science fiction re-creations.

James Duval - A TV and movie actor for 15 years, Duval's work has included nearly every genre of film, and is perhaps best known by Comic-Con attendees for his role in the cult hit movie Donnie Darko.


Phil Foglio donated his time and talent as Master of Ceremonies during the 2004 Masquerade. A long-established writer and artist, Foglio, along with his wife Kaja, is responsible for the Girl Genius comic and many other fun publications from Studio Foglio. We extend our thanks for his time, dedication to the Con, and setting a fun tone to the whole evening (all the while subjecting himself to the rowdy Masquerade audience). You deserve an award!

Our Thanks

Comic-Con thanks the many companies that generously donated prizes, to Jeff Walker for providing special movie previews, and to Lucasfilm for showing its award-winning Star Wars fan films during intermission. But most of all we thank the contestants for presenting some truly amazing costumes; without you, Saturday nights at Con wouldn't be as fun!

Think you've got what it takes to display your duds in front of a screaming audience?
Comic-Con 2005 is right around the corner! Drop a line to the Masquerade Coordinator via mail, fax, e- mail, or by marking the appropriate space on the Multipurpose Form. Click here to download the form!



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