Are you being stalked via cell phone?

At the National Network to End Domestic Violence Technology Summit 2013 in San Jose,Erica Olsen, senior technology safety specialist for the organization talked about what to look for if you’re concerned that someone has planted software on your mobile device to track, spy or stalk you.

Of course, some of these can be associated with other issues so they’re not necessarily an indicator you’re being stalked or tracked and there are ways to track and stalk you without any of these symptoms.  Still, this is a useful list.

  • Unusual battery drain or warm when not in use
  • Spikes in data use
  • Takes longer to shut down
  • Screen lights up when not using
  • Clicks or sounds on calls
  • The perpetrator knows things they shouldn’t know
  • Perpetrator has or had physical access

If you suspect that someone may be tracking you, examine all the apps on your device to see if there any that you didn’t install.  On an iPhone you can see which apps are running by clicking twice on the home button. Click here for Android instructions.

For more visit The Safety Net Project.

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