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Purpose: To establish policies for ensuring the privacy of visitors to the CPB website.

Procedure: CPB will not voluntarily disclose to any third party any personally identifiable information about visitors to its website without first receiving the visitor's permission. If, however, CPB is compelled to reveal such information under process of law, it will cooperate fully, and in such case will not first seek the visitor's permission.

CPB does not collect personally identifiable information from its webpage visitors other than what is supplied on a voluntary basis. CPB will not condition access to any portion of its website on the provision of personally identifiable information. Visitors to the CPB website may be invited to supply personally identifiable information, but CPB will simultaneously offer an opportunity to decline or "opt-out" of providing such personally identifiable information. If visitors are invited to supply voluntary information, the extent of CPB's use of the information will be explained at the time the visitor supplies the information.

CPB will post a message on its website stating to visitors that their use of the CPB website signifies their agreement with the terms and conditions of CPB's website privacy policy. CPB will also post at the website a statement that states, in effect, that CPB reserves the right, at its sole discretion and for any purpose whatsoever, to prospectively change, modify, add, or remove portions of its website privacy policy.


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