Customer Quality Feedback

Customer Quality Feedback


What is CQF?
Customer Quality Feedback (CQF) is an Apple program that provides end-users with an opportunity to influence the development of Apple hardware and software products worldwide. By evaluating Apple products early in the development cycle, customers are able to provide crucial data to the project development teams in a timely manner. This data includes comments about the human interface, desired features, performance, and compatibility with Apple and third-party products in time to help improve the shipping product. CQF engineering project managers (EPM's) represent these customers via their feedback throughout the development cycle, prior to the release of new products.

How Does CQF Work?
Customers are selected based upon their interest, ability to provide timely information, and their real-world computing environment as it relates to Apple's current needs. They are provided with early versions of products in development. These customers provide product feedback throughout the development process until the final release. All customer problems, issues, enhancement requests, and suggestions are reported to CQF and escalated to the appropriate development teams for resolution.

Why CQF?
Apple Computer, Inc. is committed to total customer satisfaction through relentless development efforts, with world class products that are consistently first in the marketplace. It is vital that Apple maintain a strong link to our marketplace to help provide products which meet the emerging needs. CQF is one of these important links. By focusing on the requirements of our customers, Apple is in an excellent position to build quality and new features into each product from the beginning.

How Do Customers Participate?
Customers are asked to complete a web-based program application. This program application provides information that will allow us to better match customers with available seed projects. Apple, in it's sole discretion, will consider the applications. Submission of an application does not guarentee that a customer will be invited to participate. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Before completing the program application, please read through and agree to the terms and conditions of participation.

Members of the press should contact Apple's Public Relations department via email at media.help@apple.com, or phone 408-974-2042.

Developers working on retail products should visit Apple's Developer Services and Products web site for information on available programs.

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